Why Testing ?
Tests measure a personal acumen, provide a comparative analysis, and predict the existing strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. To be branded as the best, to receive promotion or move into a dream job or a dream institutions requires a person to qualify superlatively in the assigned tests. Hence, tests have become an indispensible measure for assessing a candidate’s ability and capabilities.

The above factors seemed to lay the foundation for our organization and as we began to delve into the fundamentals of the testing mechanism and analyze the existing testing services prevalent in India, we became more convinced of our initial thought process. We had to reform and make testing universal in appeal and standardized in practice.
Our products
biofie is a comprehensive recruitment platform which aims to enhance the experience of candidates / institutions and the companies partaking the recruitment process.

biofie of the candidate consists of the verified personal fact sheet, supported by video representation of his skills and personal interview / group exercise conducted in proctored environment. biofie is an attempt to re-incarnate resumes and enhance the projection of an individual’s personality and skills.
M-JPAT – MANAGEMENT JOINT PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT TEST is an attempt to provide a combined platform for students, Indian and International, and participating MBA colleges / Graduate Business Schools for the second round of the MBA selection process.

M-JPAT is a complete Application, Selection and Admission Process conducted after the written exam. M-JPAT requires students to fill a single Application Form and appear for a single GD-PI round for admission to all the associated colleges.