About Us

Envista Mindmap Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s private educational testing and evaluation services organization. The organization develops and administers various kinds of academic, aptitude and personality assessment tests.

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Our Mission
To be the one point for all assessment and certification programs in areas of academics, personality measure and cognitive aptitude and offer validated and reliable testing services for corporate’s and academic institutions.

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Why Testing
Tests measure the personal acumen, provide a comparative analysis, and predict the existing strengths of the candidates. To be branded as the best requires a person to qualify superlatively in the assigned tests.

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Overview Close
Envista Mindmap Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s private educational testing and evaluation services organization. The organization develops and administers various kinds of academic, aptitude and personality assessment tests required for schools, colleges, specific curricula, careers and institutions.

Globalization has brought about awareness of new-age careers leading to unique testing methodologies and consolidation of existing ones to match global standards and make them internationally palatable. The transition from offline to online testing mode is also indicative of the transformation in the testing arena.

Envista Mindmap Services Pvt. Ltd was conceived to cater to individuals as well as organizational needs for validating knowledge levels and skill sets and to prove job capabilities. The organization seeks to assess minimum competencies and validate professional credentials through rigorous test development and delivery processes. The organization provides reliable, secure and thorough testing services which maintain the integrity of the testing process and help individuals and organizations achieve standardized benchmarking.

The tests so designed are used by individuals for checking their academic quotient and measuring their skills for employability and corporate customers for pre-recruitment and employee assessments.

Our Values

  • To provide the BEST FIT to the candidate and the recruiter, resulting in better utilization of skills, higher productivity and increased satisfaction levels.

  • Recognizing people for their individual skills and knowledge and harnessing their potential for a symbiotic association.

  • Respecting the client needs and ensuring their issue are addressed forthwith.

  • Meticulous planning, thorough research and systematic collation of information to ensure full-proof, error-free, reliable testing products for one and all.

Our Mission Close
Our Values

  • To provide a suite of testing and evaluation services to educational institutions, organizations and individuals.

  • To be the one-stop shop for all assessment and certification programs in areas of academics, personality measure and cognitive aptitude.

  • To offer validated and reliable testing services developed.

  • To ensure uniformity and standardization in the outcome of the testing process.

Our Vision

To become India’s largest; most trusted and most valued testing and evaluation services organization.
Why Testing Close
Tests measure a personal acumen, provide a comparative analysis, and predict the existing strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. To be branded as the best, to receive promotion or move into a dream job requires a person to qualify superlatively in the assigned tests. Hence, tests have become an indispensible measure for assessing a candidate’s ability and capabilities.

The above factors seemed to lay the foundation for our organization and as we began to delve into the fundamentals of the testing mechanism and analyze the existing testing services prevalent in India, we became more convinced of our initial thought process. We had to reform and make testing universal in appeal and standardized in practice.

Testing Services Activities

The job of testing encompasses manifold activities. We like to address all the activities related to test-taking and offer a complete solution.

The organization believes that a test is only as good as the process by which it is created. The processes for designing, developing and administering tests are checked and re-checked to ensure smooth execution at all levels. Working closely with clients at every step of the assessment process (from conception , administration, scoring and test reporting) is imperative for ensuring all-round efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The tests are generally conducted in a proctored environment to ensure fairness and credibility. The online support enables the organization to reach out to large audience and the offline tests can also be administered in over 150+ locations across the country.

The organization has the capability to roll out battery of test in many locations across the country. All the gamut of activities required for conducting and administering tests are managed solely by the organization.
Test Suite
The current test suite includes M-JPAT- Management Joint Personality Assessment Test from entrance to MBA Colleges, biofie- for the recruitment domain and Neuro psychological test for behavioural assessments.

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Our Clients
The products are designed to cater to the requirements of education institutions w.r.t benchmarking of performance , for corporate in the domain of recruitment and neuro psychological assessments for behavioural assessment.

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Management Team - Envista Group
Sensitive, Qualified, enthusiastic and energetic people comprise the team of Envista Group. Commitment to all-round quality of delivery and strife for excellence is what categorizes the team.

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Suite of Tests Available Close
The current test suite includes M-JPAT- Management Joint Personality Assessment Test for entrance to MBA Colleges, biofie- for the recruitment domain and Neuro psychological test for behavioural assessments for corporates.

biofie is a comprehensive recruitment platform which aims to enhance the experience of candidates/institutions and the companies partaking the recruitment process

The services at biofie.com are directly linked to its unique service application called : biofie (pronounced as baɪˈɒ.fɪ) which is a great way to provide recruiters’ a real feel of one’s personality without a direct face-to-face interaction.

The biofie of any candidate consists of a verified comprehensive personal fact sheet supported by video representation of his Skills, Personal Interview and Group Exercise performance conducted in a proctored environment.

biofie is an attempt to re-incarnate resumes and enhance the projection of an individual’s personality and skills. It is an aggregation of technology and physical facilities to provide a better profile match for the candidate with the jobs being offered. At the same time, it provides recruiters a first-hand feel of the candidate. The process leads to a BEST FIT scenario for both.

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M-JPAT– MANAGEMENT JOINT PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT TEST is an attempt to provide a Combined platform for students, Indian and International, and participating MBA colleges / Graduate Business Schools for the second round of the MBA selection process.

M-JPAT is a complete Application, Selection and Admission Process conducted after the written exam.

It is conducted on behalf of MBA colleges / Graduate Business Schools, at 65† locations in India and select cities in neighbouring countries. M-JPAT requires students to fill a single Application Form and appear for a single GD-PI round for admission to all the associated colleges.

The objective of the test is to match the student's capabilities and preference with the offerings of an MBA college, thereby : "ENSURING BUSINESS EDUCATION TO ALL ASPIRANTS".

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Neuro Psychological Test - The battery of tests can be applied to the field of Management ( HR recruitment & selection; Product & brand preferences; etc.) for understanding prejudices/discriminatory practices and identifying signals for serious issues like depression, aggression, religious fanaticism etc.

1. The tests are administered online and can be administered at any site/location. The test requires individuals to have a basic knowledge of computers and English language.

2. The test results are statistically vetted and are unique to every individual. The test results have been further validated by using EEG ( electroencephalograph) to attest reactions in the order of milliseconds.

Please feel free to take a sample test (which is complimentary and confidential) at : www.mindunbox.com.

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Our Clients Close
The suite of tests and allied services caters to Individuals as well as organizational needs.

Academic Institutions

  1. Schools.

  2. Professional Colleges.

The above category of clients can benefit from the following assessment services offered by us:

  1. Scholastic tests at the Institution and National level.

  2. Career Map.

  3. Connect – The educational fair and events organizing division.

  4. Competitive assessment.

  5. Scholastic tests at the Institution and National level.

  6. Management- Joint Personality Assessment Test.


  1. Government bodies.

  2. Corporates.

For organizations we are offering the following services:

  1. Recruitment services - biofie.

  2. Pre-employment tests and certification.

  3. Talent assessment services.

  4. Certified Database access.

  5. Management- Joint Personality Assessment Test.

Management Team Close
Santosh Kumar
Chairman and Director
Envista Mindmap Services Private Limited

A Mentor, an Educationist and a Software professional, his vision and leadership abilities have been the guiding force behind the growth of Envista Group from a one man start-up to a Pan India Organization.

A computer science graduate from BIT Mesra, he loved designing operating systems. Over the years, as Chairman- Envista Mindmap- he has seamlessly transformed his ideas from the wired box to a people-centric organization. He has designed an impeccable system that has successfully mentored thousands of individuals and has touched the lives of multiple people in different domains. An excellent communicator and a highly inquisitive person, many individuals see him as the change agent in their lives.

As a computer science graduate, his career initially took off with the software giants. His last decade has been dedicated to academics, design and development of softwares and products for education and allied sectors and creation of customized softwares for corporate and government bodies.

Mr. Kumar, started his own entrepreneurial venture during his college days. He has been the architect behind the design and development of e-solutions for various government organizations and corporates. He has been acknowledged for his technology- aided solutions: for treatment of Epilepsy patients and his contributions in the area of women empowerment and development of primitive tribes in the state of Jharkhand.

Over the last decade he has personally trained and mentored thousands of students and corporate executives belonging to more than 400 organizations/institutions.

He has also been credited for the design of unique testing, assessment and academic benchmarking models, which today form the core of Envista Mindmap’s Testing services.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" has been and is the driving mantra for his personal and professional life.
Anindita Ghosh
Envista Mindmap Services Private Limited

A perfectionist, who believes in proper planning and execution of activities at hand, has successfully managed the reins of the organization; Envista …….. from inception to the way it stands today. The ability to manage and motivate teams and deliver under pressure has helped her in building strong teams and evolve a happy organization.

On the professional front her impressive and multifarious list of achievements include: an MBA from IMNU, Ahmedabad, an award for Marketing excellence at college, a diploma in Hotel Management from IHM, and a scholarship for meritorious performance at the school level . Currently she is pursuing a PhD in the area of Neuromanagement where her area of interest is application of cognitive neuroscience to decode the impression formation at the recruitment and selection stage in the HR process.

Her core specializing lies in developing tests to measure implicit attitudes and analyzing the results using neuroscience techniques. Her industry exposure interspersed across various industries ranging from Banking, to Advertising, to hotels and to Education gives her a definite edge in understanding the human resource challenges unique to each industry.

A maverick of sorts she has always loved exploring and experimenting with new ideas and concepts.

Her stint in the present organization involves mentoring, ensuring smooth operation flow within the organization, brainstorming and analyzing ideas with the core management team and establishing and building networks between strategic groups within the organization.

Her guiding mantra in life has been: 'To follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human knowledge'.

Her personal interests and pursuits also reflect her belief in the above mantra. From being a super mother, to a fitness enthusiast, an avid reader, and a music aficionado; she has all of it packed in her daily list of activities along with her professional commitments.
Pradipta Ray
Envista Mindmap Services Private Limited

An electrical engineer from REC, Surat, he has seven years of industrial experience in the field of Design, Drawing, Fabrication, Erection and installation in Petrochemical industries. He has worked on various projects for the Navratna Companies like IOCL, BPCL, and HPCL. First as a Project Engineer and then as a Project Coordinator he worked in close consultation with engineers from EIL, PDIL, MECON and other companies.

As a part of the core management team at Envista Mindmap Services his principal job has been to ensure high order, zero-error operation flow within the organization at all levels. As an Academic head for the past ten years, he has shouldered the responsibility for overall growth of the organization. He is equally appreciated for his methodical approach by his associates, customers as well as his peers.

His insights on various marketing initiatives taken by the organization have had a significant impact on the overall image management of the company. A typical person who always looks north, the company has greatly benefited from his novel ideas and innovative approach.
Sandeep Kumar
Envista Mindmap Services Private Limited

A manufacturing engineer by profession, he was working in the opencast coal mines on heavy earthmoving machinery. A capable service engineer and a successful Project Manager, at TELCON, he led a spirited team of forty people. He has been a team man all throughout.

As a member of the core management team at Envista Mindmap Services his versatility in performing multifarious activities with ease is what sets him apart. He has been able to play prominent roles within the organization with alacrity whether it has been as a mentor, a content developer and an efficient operations manager.

On the personal front ,simplicity in every form fascinates him. A motivated speaker and an automobile enthusiast, he enjoys technology and is a consummate newsman.