No matter what your country's official language, most business communications these days happen in English. Globalization has helped businesses of many economies and also elevated business English to a new level. With India being recognized on a global platform it becomes imperative to accord importance to the English Language.

Business English is the language for communication over emails. Business English is not about being formal but being able to understand the use of formal and informal expressions in a correct manner. Grammar is also an important element of business communications. Business English also involves social conversation and telephone etiquettes. Accent is not as important as the use of correct and fluent speech. Improving the fluency of spoken business English is essential to even writing well. Use of proper expressions and idioms and phrases enhances the language.

Another key element of business English is to understand what others are saying. Improving business English also focuses on improving listening comprehension. When in business, it is critical to understand what the customer wants to say. Vocabulary is the building-block of any language. Learning business words and business terminologies helps in overall communication. Along with learning new business words, it is also important to learn to apply them correctly. Practicing writing letters, simulating realistic business environments, and improving speech, will all be helpful in applying the new business words learnt. Hence, it is essential to know business English to communicate with clients comfortably.

Analysis of various jobs in organizations reveals that the middle management and the higher management levels are conversant and comfortable with the use of English language. However, at the entry-level managerial and executive positions most employees are found lacking in their knowledge of English. This critically hampers business operations as these personnel have the key responsibility of executing assigned jobs. Inability, to comprehend, analyze, structure and present information deters the smooth functioning of business.

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