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The current reforms in the education policy have seen changes in the school syllabus and examination pattern. However, despite these changes, different boards which exist have varying syllabus and examination patterns.

Non-standardization and lack of uniformity is what characterizes the marks obtained by the students in taking the exam conducted by different boards. The inherent problem of the system is underlined below:

  1. Since different schools are affiliated to different boards, the teaching methodology and content learning differs.

  2. Inter-school and Intra-school transfers pose difficulties for a student as there is a lack of uniformity in teachings across schools.

  3. Different boards follow different marking systems which makes it impossible to compare students based on their academic credentials and pose a problem during admissions to colleges or other schools.

The second broad problem at the graduate level is lack of career guidance and information availability for making a career choice.

To address the aforesaid problems, Envista Mindmap has evolved testing and assessment services for secondary and higher secondary students. The services offered are as follows:

  1. School Level-Scholastic tests at the Institution and National level.

  2. Career Map.

  3. Connect-The educational fair and events organizing division.

  4. Competitive Assessment.

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