Computer programming is the process of writing, troubleshooting, debugging, maintaining and testing of the source code of computer programs. The source code is written in the form of programming language and writing of source code requires expertise in several subjects like specialized algorithms, knowledge of application domain and formal logic.

Jobs for programmers are expected to grow more through the year 2014. Sophisticated computer software now has the capability to write basic code, eliminating the need for many programmers to do this routine work. The consolidation and centralization of systems and applications, developments in packaged software, advances in programming languages and tools, and the growing ability of users to design, write, and implement more of their own programs mean that more of the programming functions can be transferred from a programmer to other types of information specialists, such as computer software engineers.

As programming tasks become increasingly sophisticated and additional levels of skill and experience are demanded by employers, graduates or its equivalent in work experience will face strong competition for programming jobs. Obtaining vendor-specific or language-specific certification also can provide a competitive edge. Because demand fluctuates with employers' needs, jobseekers should keep up to date with the latest skills and technologies. Individuals who want to become a programmer can enhance their prospects by combining the appropriate formal training with practical work experience.

Considering this continual need for upgradation and differentiation led Envista Mindmap to include a certification assessment for computer programming.


  1. To provide programmers who have strong technical skills and who understand an employer's business and its programming requirements.

  2. To provide a programmer who can support data communications and help implement electronic commerce and intranet strategies.

  3. To provide a programmer who will create and maintain expert systems and embed these technologies in more products.


  1. Having a computer programming certification is the key to advancing in a career in IT, as well as a pre-requisite for most computer programming jobs.

  2. It provides the tools to be successful in an ever-changing field.

  3. The Computer Programming Certificate provides individuals with the skills needed to change careers.

  4. The certification develops a better foundation for a technical management career.

  5. It establishes a programming competency and an understanding of the theoretical foundations of computer science.

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