Unemployment and under employment has one specific paradox: employers often cannot find qualified employees and qualified employees cannot find employment in the organizations they are interested in at the same time.

This is because our methods used for connecting qualified prospective employees to jobs are not full-proof and result-oriented.

Many job sites/agencies help people find jobs, but they do not match skills with needs. As an employer one can visit a number of places for recruitment and sift through many resumes by investing good time and money. To be able to find the right candidate you need to look at resumes all year, travel across the country, at an exorbitant cost and the chances of finding the perfect match may still be elusive.

Organizations need to have access to certified candidates from across the country so that the issue of recruitment and selection is simplified to a great extent. Selecting and training these high-skilled, professionally certified employees can give these organizations a competitive advantage.

Having access to certified candidates is important in many fields because they demonstrate that an employee meets minimum standards, giving businesses the benefits of a better-skilled workforce and leveraging the value of the employee's qualifications.

Certified Database access from Envista Mindmap has been created to cater to just the same.


  1. This is an online resource that connects prospective employees with prospective employers, across a wide variety of skills.

  2. The Envista certified database maintains profiles of employees, their skills and abilities, used for matching job requirements.

  3. The indexing of candidates is based on the skill set and abilities demonstrated.
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