A good job/career is what every individual aspires for! The initial years of life are spent in acquisition of qualification, skills and work experience to bolster the resume and make the proposition of selling SELF more attractive and eye-catching.

However, the situation of the job market today is inept lacking synergy between the employer as well as the employee. An employer tends to adjust with his acquisition and an employee continues to be dissatisfied with the assigned roles aspiring for more.

There are inherent problems in the present system of recruitment and selection which results in this disharmony. Both sides are plagued with specific issues and arguments. The hurdles faced in this process are analysed under two categories:


  1. Recruitment and selections are subjective and prejudiced and there is no universal methodology to quantify the same.
  2. The resume takes precedence over the candidate’s ability and willingness to work.
  3. Lack of universal objective assessment in recruitment and selection process leads to unfair practices muddling up the employment scenario.

  1. The candidate is unsure of a match between his skills and job requirement when applying for a job.
  2. The candidate’s non-performance, under-performance or over-performance during the academic years is awarded maximum benefit disregarding his present status-quo.
  3. It is difficult to determine an equitability/ assign a scale to the institutions from where candidates have completed their education owing to the large number of institutions that have sprung in recent years.
  4. This non-standardization of many institutions leads to even distrusting the grade/marks/division secured by the candidate from these institutions.


Considering the above factors, the need for a transparent, full-proof pre-employment assessment was felt at Envista Mindmap Serviced ltd. so as to bring about uniformity and standardization for recruitment and selection of candidates.

Our goal is to bring together systems, tools, courseware in various delivery modes, and highly talented professionals that can assist your organization in improving the quality of candidate recruitment and selections.

One of the most unique products being offered is ENVISTA JOB CERTFICATION for standard jobs across industries. Typical functions in all organizations revolve around sales and operations. We realized that to be a good salesperson or a sound ops expert the basic skill-set, aptitude and behavioral attitudes are concomitant. Hence the idea of pre-employment testing and subsequent certification was conceived.

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