One of the key questions in Retail Banking is “what capabilities (skills and knowledge) and personal qualities do retail banks need in their customer-service employees to satisfy the more demanding and sophisticated customers (for example; flexibility of interactions, responsiveness, convenience) and the organisation’s own needs (for example; building on sales opportunities, cost containment/reduction, lower labour turnover).

Enabled by and dependent on IT and e-Commerce activities, consumer banking practices have, over the years, moved away from dispersed branches with face-to-face interaction, manual processing, social relationships between employees and customers and a preference for employees with local ties and knowledge. Banks in the recently deregulated industry now compete on a wider geographic scale and, with the diffusion of internet banking, in the online arena. Globalization, increased competition and new technologies are just some of the influences which have changed the banking industry. New technology has made the banking industry more efficient, improved flexibility, and reduced operating and labour costs.

Products and services such as mortgages, credit cards and bank accounts have been modified to take advantage of mass-marketing techniques and strategies. Customer loyalty is still an issue, but the traditional bases of this loyalty are disappearing. Banks no longer rely on the local and traditional elements in the customer relationship and depend on employees to provide customer service in the new environment. But how do banks ensure that their employees are engaged in advancing the banks’ interests? Working for a bank no longer affords the same level of status and security it once did. Recruiting and retaining employees is the key to providing the value-add customers.


Considering the aforesaid challenges in the rapidly expanding retial banking setor, Envista Mindmap has created assessment modules for designating candidates as Certified Retail Bankers both in the sales and services division. Through our research with banking and financial institutions, we have identified several key personality characteristics that contribute to job success.

We enable you to hire associates who are:

  1. Sales Oriented
  2. Work Co-operatively
  3. Interact positively with customers.


We profile the most effective performers in your own bank, or bring a profile of the mosteffective type of performer from other bank engagements or even freshers from colleges possessing the specific skill-sets.

This allows banks to seek new sales staff on the basis of precise skills and characteristics, so making successful recruitment much more likely. This selection based on the performance of the candidates in our assessment program help banks to :

  1. Accurately predicts future job performance
  2. Reduces absenteeism and turnover
  3. Increases sales referrals
  4. Reduces job-related errors
  5. Targets individual and group training needs
  6. Ideal for individual or group administration
  7. Consistent, fair, and legally defensible

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