The focus of ENVISTA: CONNECT EVENTS is to organize educational events like EDUCATION FAIRS, EDUCATION EXHIBITIONS and EDUCATION CONVENTIONS. These events are a rendezvous of business, academia, students, media and society. Simply stated, these events are interactive platforms for students to plan and build their careers in various professional fields and for professional institutions to develop their markets.

Education and Career are the key verticals of our core competency. We are committed to providing products and services that reflect both the current and the changing nature and demands of India’s large and growing professional education sector. Thus CONNECT EVENTS like fairs, exhibitions and conventions will have comprehensive career solutions for all aspirants and profitable marketing solutions for all participating educational Institutions.

The events are scheduled to be organized at 65 locations across the country from end March, 2012.

For Students

CONNECT EVENTS provide a forum for identification of training options and facilitation of enrolment procedures for students aiming to join professional courses of study anywhere in India. They will make available to students any career-related information that they might require regarding any professional educational institution in the country.

For institutions

CONNECT EVENTS will help professional institutions by affording them opportunities to reach out to their prospective customers. Indeed, exhibitions, fairs and conventions are now widely recognized as powerful, cost-effective tools in any marketing plan. Accordingly, they are a key component of the marketing plan that we offer our institutional clients, who would have a rostrum to highlight the competitive advantages-whether in overall terms or in view of new developments in their respective fields—that they hold in the talent-training market. These competitive advantages could relate to:

  1. Infrastructure

  2. Faculty

  3. Accreditation

  4. Courses taught

  5. Pedagogy

  6. Placement Record

  7. Selection Process

  8. Fee structure

Participating institutions will also have the opportunity to personally engage with the students and tell them about life at college and in the corporate world.

CONNECT EVENT categories are as follows:

  1. MBA-CONNECT for MBA colleges

  2. ENGINEERING-CONNECT for Engineering colleges

  3. MEDICAL-CONNECT for Medical colleges

  4. PROFESSIONAL CAREERS-CONNECT for colleges offering new age specializations at like BBA, LAW and FASHION at the UG level.

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